Tote Bags

During Thanksgiving 2013, Kani and I were looking at a Asian rice bag and commented on the uniqueness of the overall design. So... I picked up the bag and walked around my neighborhood and decided that the I would rework the design, change the handle and the dimensions of the sack and use wonderful fabrics and  cloth papers.

This bag became "New York Proof". Its great for shopping and the handle is comfortable for most hand sizes. It is relatively pick proof as long as your wallet is at the bottom of the tote.  Drop in your wallet, a book, go & shop.

Each Mola Proof Bag has a ask me!

We offer two sizes: Medium and Tall

Our newest fiber is Washable Paper . It is very strong and waterproof.
We are launching the "Washable" in September 2014. Clutches will also be made from this. Look for our Passport Cases made from this unique fiber.


31.08.2019 10:26

Laurel Snodgrass

It is good to know about Tote Bags through this article. Will suggest my sister to buy them after her