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Mar. 14, 2015


We are currently working on our Etsy Shop. An email blast will go out, and we will announce on this site as well as our Instagram page. For those who don't know our Instagram account: @Artfromtheplanet

Since we make one of a kind handmade items, it is very hard to keep up with the latest on our website. We post our latest projects and new additions to the Artfromtheplanet line on Instagram,

History, where the Fibers meet!

From the lush Darien Rainforest of Panama, Artfromtheplanet brings hand crafted stunning works of art created by master weavers. After studying the various weaving techniques for the past ten years, I have designed and produced baskets and masks. I still purchase antiques from the elders from both tribes, as it is a dying craft. 

The women and men of the Emberra and Wounaan tribes have long created exquisite, museum-quality baskets and masks. Given the labor-intensive and meticulous process, it can take anywhere from two months to four to six years to produce a single basket depending on size,detail and specfic weave of the basket. This indigenous craft (of 800 years) has only recently become accessible to the outside world within the past eight years.

This site will also introduce you additional works by handcrafted designer pillows, shoes, handbags and exquisite macrame jewlery, called "Spirit Shields".

To place orders with Artfromtheplanet, please email:

It gives us great pleasure to share these one of a kind works of art to collectors. It could be a simple macrame spirit shield, a Hosig Di ( Wounaan or Emberra) basket from the Darien Rainforest, a Wounaan mask from the rainforest, Kuna cloth ( in the form of a pillow or shoes), and finally a quilt that was designed for the spirit of the collector. For me everything that grows has spirit and the fibers that create these works of arts have spirit too.

The Wounaan and Emberra call their pieces "Spirit Vessels", for they impart a piece of their soul in each vessel. These collections are an impressive living history of global culture of indigenous people.

People think that they are different, but when you witness the weaving process and patterns from indigenous people, you will realize that we share history and we are not so different. Baskets from the Lakota Indians are woven exactly like the people from the Rainforest to the tribes of the Zulu Africans .