How Artfromtheplanet came to be.

Susan Patterson's has been quilting for 40+ years, and her quilting has led her to many places all over the world. A stop that she made to was in Panama, which was 2003. this stop was the transformation as a quilter, that has forever changed her life.
The business started as a Home Decor business, still a student of learning the reverse applique technique that you have come to know as "Mola". Humble to be a student of this indigenous tribe, she always sought ways she could give back to the community. 
Since her lecture led her from talking about the Underground Railroad Quilts and the symbolism infused into these pieces, she has journeyed to the islands off the shores of Panama with the Guna, and into the Darien Rain Forest with an introduction to the Wounan Tribe and Emberra.
This journey transformed her as a quilter and a human. She knew she would be forever in debt to these amazing people, and the relationship has abundantly grown since then. She never anticipated that bringing the art back to the states would start as a home decor business, and turn into apparel of the likes of her shoes, clutches, and so much more.